Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Azoteq's IQS232 offers inexpensive capacitive touch

Azoteq's new IQS232 is a 2-channel capacitive touch senor with some interesting features, such as an impressive 3uA operating current and a claimed sensing distances of 25cm in air and 2.5cm through glass (although the exact setup for achieving these is not mentioned).

For ease of integration and lower cost, the IQS232 is designed so it can operate in a stand alone mode, only notifying using I/Os. Alternatively, it is capable of streaming measurements over I²C to a microcontroller. The inbuilt automated re-calibration and RF noise immunity should further facilitate successful designs.

Adding a couple a capacitive touch buttons to your new design would only run you 0.30USD and is not likely to break your power budget either. You can even get an IQS232 evaluation/breakout kit for less than ten bucks.

More: IQS232, Capacitive touch application notes

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